The Hassle of Downloading arXiv Papers

A few months ago I had acquired a tablet to read and annotate research papers wherever I want, stopping the waste of printing these in paper form and then keeping the annotated printed versions somewhere in my desk. This led me to a setup in which I store all research papers in some directory structure at ~/papers/ and have this directory be in sync with a synchronization service; currently OneDrive, which has an excellent third-party Linux client.

Many of the papers I find are hosted on When I’ve got a paper which I’d like to read, e.g. Variational Diffusion Models, I first have to manually download the paper into some location. By default, this results in a file named after the arXiv paper id, e.g. 2107.00630.pdf, which is annoying as the id is hard to associate with the actual paper title. Therefore, I usually rename the paper according to its title:

$ mv 2107.00630.pdf ~/papers/generative-models/2107.00630v1.Variational_Diffusion_Models.pdf

Now the paper is ready to be automatically synced and I can find it on my tablet device. After repeating the above multiple times, I was especially annoyed by the file renaming necessity. Furthermore, it also happens that I often simply have the arXiv link and know that I want to have this paper on my tablet. I’m an avid Linux user and work from the terminal most of the time. Hence, it was natural to write a command-line tool that takes an arXiv link/id, downloads it into a preferred directory, and automatically renames the filename according to the title. This is when I came up with a simple tool called arxiv-downloader, wrapping the neat arXiv Python wrapper lukasschwab/

The Solution: arxiv-downloader

This little tool is available on PyPi (pip install arxiv-downloader) and offers the arxiv-downloader script in the command-line:

$ arxiv-downloader --url --directory ~/papers/generative-models/

Directory /home/steven/papers/generative-models/ does not exist. Create? [y/n] y
Starting download of article: "Variational Diffusion Models" (2107.00630)
Download finished! Result saved at:

This merges the sequence of opening an arXiv link, manually downloading the PDF, renaming this PDF according to the paper title, and moving the file to the final location, into a single command. Although this might only save me about half a minute for every paper, I deeply felt the need to automate these steps. If you’re a computer scientist or programmer, I hope you can relate; if not then just call me crazy :-).

You can check out all available arguments with arxiv-downloader -h

$ arxiv-downloader -h
usage: arxiv-downloader [-h] [--url URL] [--id ID] [--directory DIRECTORY] [--source]

arXiv Paper Downloader.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --url URL, -u URL     arXiv article URL.
  --id ID, -i ID        arXiv article ID (for this would be
  --directory DIRECTORY, -d DIRECTORY
                        Output directory.
  --source, -s          Whether to download the source tar file.

The source code is available at braun-steven/arxiv-downloader. Feel free to contribute, leave feedback, and report issues.